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You can search BSR code of Banks in India! We are making earnest efforts in keeping the information updated by adding BSR code of banks as they get available on RBI website.

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We have carefully collected BSR code of bank and presented them with a user friendly search format, In case you find errors; kindly report them immediately to bsrcodebank@gmail.com. Please contact us at bsrcodebank@gmail.com if you want to reach us for any updates or if you are a bank and want your branch’s BSR codes to be listed on our website.

What is BSR code?

BSR stands for BASIC STATISTICAL RETURNS. It is a 7-digit code allotted to banks by Reserve Bank of India. When filling TDS/TCS returns BSR code is used in challan details and deductee details. Bank BSR code is different from the branch code used for bank drafts, etc. This code is unique for each individual branch of a bank. Basic Statistical Returns is a system which initiates to integrate the data relating to various commercial banks and promotes the filling of the same with RBI at regular intervals. Read more info on BSR codes.

Where is BSR code used?

BSR code is used in a unique challan identification number (CIN) which also comprises of the date of deposit (dd/ mm/ yy i.e. six digits) and the challan serial number in 5 digits. CIN will be unique for each challan throughout the country and will be used for identifying the challan in the OLATS.
This code will also be helpful for a pensioner who retires from GOVT. OF INDIA (Central Government employee) to get their pension, the Bank A/C No. along with the bank BSR code can be used by the pensioners to get their pension.

What is OLTAS?

Income Tax Department's initiative to receive information and maintain records of income tax returns paid through banks through online upload of challan details is named as OLTAS (Online Tax Accounting System). The collecting bank branch will put a rubber stamp on the challan and its counterfoil indicating the CIN. It will be unique for each challan throughout the country and will be used for identifying the challan in the OLTAS.